[meta-freescale] State of webRTC on IMX6

Christopher Andersson Christopher.Andersson at qmatic.com
Tue Sep 22 05:18:29 PDT 2015

Hi, I saw that this topic has been up on this list before I will try my
luck here.

We are working on a project that involves taking image snapshots with a
locally connected webcam from a browser application. We are currently
testing with a qtwebengine based browser on a IMX6 running yocto 1.8.

Since this is easy to do with webRTC this is our first option. But after
some testing and reading on this list I understand that webRTC isn't
fully working on the IMX6, at least not with hardware acceleration, am I

At the moment we are really only interested of getting a snapshot from
the webcam from within the browser so hardware acceleration isn't an

What is the current state if webrtc in qtwebengine(chromium) on IMX6?
Would it be a big job to get this working or are any other easier ways
to get a snapshot from the webcam inside the browser?

Thankful for any suggestions.


Christopher Andersson
Software Engineer
Qmatic Group
Address: Neongatan 8
431 23 Mölndal, Sweden
Mobile: +46 70 105 46 96

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