[meta-freescale] REGRESSION: Qt5 EGLFS support is broken 3.10.53-1.1.x and 3.14.28-1.0.x GPU

Sriraman Ravi sriraman.ravi at microsys.de
Tue Sep 1 01:20:11 PDT 2015

Otavio Salvador <otavio at ...> writes:

> Hello,
> We have some customers which are migrating from Dizzy for Fido. Some
> uses Qt5 applications in EGLFS mode and we found a serious regression,
> every EGLFS application is returning:
> EGL Error : Could not create the egl surface: error = 0x3003
> Using 3.10.17, from Dizzy, very same application works fine.
> To reproduce:
>  - fsl-community-bsp - fido
>  - add meta-qt5
>  - generate an image with cinematicexperience and qtbase-plugins included
>  - run the app passing "-platform eglfs"
> To narrow down the issue to the BSP, the meta-qt5 fido branch was used
> for both tests (Qt5 5.4.2).
> Does some faced the same issue?

Hi Otavio,

I have been facing issue with EGLFS in QT5, I am also using fido branch for
QT5 and the kernel built is 3.10.17 for imx6q board from freescale.

The video widget example application was not running videos properly
specially videos with high definition. There were lot of warnings saying "A
lot of buffers are dropped". This problem while using EGLFS and linuxfb.
Then i built and installed the QTgstreamer package which has a different
implementation for creating video surfaces. The example player application
in QT-gstreamer works fine for X11 windowing system and Linuxfb, the videos
are played smoothly, but when i try to run the same example application with
EGLFS it crashes and no error message is displayed. I tried enabling debug
messages but no luck.

Best Regards

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