[meta-freescale] Yocto 1.8 menuconfig does not show up

Seifert, Thomas (T.) tbruenck at visteon.com
Mon Jun 15 23:36:19 PDT 2015

Hello Wandboard Community,

My setup:
HW: Wandboard Quad + HDMI Touchscreen

SW: Yocto 1.8 https://github.com/Freescale/fsl-community-bsp-platform -b master -> build on VirtualBox Ububuntu 15.04

I can build a core-image-x11 on Ubuntu and run it on my hardware. That is good!

Now I want to activate USB touchscreen support in the kernel. BUT: bitbake linux-wandboard -c menuconfig leads to nothing :  no menuconfig menu does show up.

I can start menuconfig direct in ~/fsl-community-bsp/build/tmp/work/wandboard_quad-poky-linux-gnueabi/linux-wandboard/3.10.53-r0/git with "make menuconfig" but it has all default values in.

Has somebody experienced the same? And can help me?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / with best regards
Thomas Seifert
Lead Software Engineer
Visteon Inovation and Technology GmbH
Visteonstrasse 4-10
50170 Kerpen


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