[meta-freescale] building embest marsboard with the latest yocto project

Abdul Rahman Riza ar.riza at live.com
Mon Jun 15 21:40:58 PDT 2015

Dear Ms Daiane Angolini,

Many thanks for the tips. I am totally newbie to yocto and it seems 
yoctoproject the only answer for my problem.

U-boot and kernel git repository I pulled using git from embest 
marsboard tutorial from here 

5.1.1 Getting Tools and Source Code
Execute the following instructions to get cross compiling toolchain;
 $ cd ~
 $ git clone git://github.com/embest-tech/fsl-linaro-toolchain.git
Execute the following instructions to get u-boot source code;
 $ cd ~
 $ git clone git://github.com/embest-tech/u-boot-imx.git -b 
Execute the following instructions to get kernel source code;
 $ cd ~
 $ git clone git://github.com/embest-tech/linux-imx.git -b 

I have no idea from where to get marsboard support in meta-fsl-arm-extra .

Please advise,


On 15/06/15 17:45, Daiane Angolini wrote:
> On Sun, Jun 14, 2015 at 12:47 AM, Abdul Rahman Riza <ar.riza at live.com> wrote:
>> Dear All.
>> I have purchased i.mx6 dual core embest marsboard
>> http://www.embest-tech.com/shop/star/marsboard.html with 9.7" capacitive
>> touchreen http://www.embest-tech.com/product/accessories/lcd8000-97c.html
>> I followed the instruction using freescale mfg tools as intsructed in
>> marsboard website however it is using linaro oneric which is outdated and
>> nowaday i am unable to update from it's repos.
>> Most of topic here using imx6 sabre and i am wondering how to use latest
>> stable yocto for imx6 embest marsboard.
> You can include (or ask embest to) marsboard support in
> meta-fsl-arm-extra, if you have an u-boot and a kernel git repository,
> it's quite easy. During the work you can post here when you get stuck
> It's not the first time someone asks for marsboard support.
> Daiane
>> Please advise,
>> Riza
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