[meta-freescale] P3041DS,P2041DS: memory issue

Luo Zhenhua zhenhua.luo at freescale.com
Wed Jun 3 20:05:15 PDT 2015

config HIGHMEM
        bool "High memory support"
        depends on PPC32 && !PREEMPT_RT_FULL

The highly helpful commit message of the patch that does this is:


    Signed-off-by: Thomas Gleixner <tglx at linutronix.de>

Some vague details here:

Looking at the x86 code, the fix appears to be the addition of 
current->kmap_pte[] bookkeeping, and switch_kmaps() on context switch.

Best Regards,


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> Hello,
> When I have enabled PREEMPT_RT_FULL on kernel, and see that the
> /proc/meminfo shows only 660 MB of RAM, where as physical RAM that is
> attached is 4GB.
> CONFIG_HZ_1000=y
> CONFIG_HZ=1000
> the meminfo reported 4GB when in normal case.  This is seen on both P3041Ds
> and P2041DS.
> How to fix this issue?
> Regards,
> Siva Borra.
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