[meta-freescale] [PATCH] fsl-eula-unpack: deploy Freescale EULA

Lauren Post Lauren.Post at freescale.com
Wed Jun 3 07:13:34 PDT 2015

This patch is going to cause a HUGE problem on all our proprietary packages.

MX53's bound license is an precursor to current license.  With this change MX53 is now broken.   The old license did not require an SCR so an SCR is not available for mx53.

We are going to get many new versions of our EULA as more 3rd parties are added to the appendix.  This is going to be a big problem.  It means we have to update new versions for packages that might have no changes but EULA change.  

I think the current implementation of keeping the license bound to the recipe is the correct.  If this is part of the eula unpack class it will be a big problem to maintain in future.   People will see new versions of components that are not changing but only because of a EULA

If we keep the license checksum in the recipe the problem is solved. 

I am a licensing trusted advisor and I know our licenses well and the new license evolved from the earlier licenses so the older packages are covered under current license but do not need to packaged with each license update.


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Subject: [meta-freescale] [PATCH] fsl-eula-unpack: deploy Freescale EULA

Add the file which contains the Freescale EULA to variable LIC_FILES_CHKSUM, so the EULA is deployed in the folder


for all recipes which use the bbclass fsl-eula-unpack.

Add a vardepsexclude to variable LIC_FILES_CHKSUM to share the sstate cache across multiple build directories.  See commit

   commit e8c6cf822889c02b76db03f2e9c6915a1bda1c06
   Author: Christopher Larson <kergoth at gmail.com>
   Date:   Wed Oct 23 22:30:41 2013 +0000

       fsl-eula-unpack: add FSL_EULA_FILE to vardepsexclude

Signed-off-by: Stefan Christ <s.christ at phytec.de>
 classes/fsl-eula-unpack.bbclass | 3 +++
 1 file changed, 3 insertions(+)

diff --git a/classes/fsl-eula-unpack.bbclass b/classes/fsl-eula-unpack.bbclass index 0da17c3..55872e5 100644
--- a/classes/fsl-eula-unpack.bbclass
+++ b/classes/fsl-eula-unpack.bbclass
@@ -6,6 +6,9 @@
 #  SRC_URI = "${FSL_MIRROR}/firmware-imx-${PV};fsl-eula=true"
+LIC_FILES_CHKSUM += "file://${FSL_EULA_FILE};md5=6df184a9b1950b68e17fdcd7513bdb97"
+LIC_FILES_CHKSUM[vardepsexclude] += "FSL_EULA_FILE"
 python fsl_bin_do_unpack() {
     src_uri = (d.getVar('SRC_URI', True) or "").split()
     if len(src_uri) == 0:

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