[meta-freescale] imxipuvideosink in 3.10.53 on Nitrogex6xlite

Nikolay Dimitrov picmaster at mail.bg
Tue Jun 2 14:19:23 PDT 2015

Hi Carlos,

On 06/03/2015 12:05 AM, Carlos Rafael Giani wrote:
> Alright, two things:
> 1) I just made a 0.10.2 release. I'll soon push an update for the
> meta-fsl recipe. This release includes the eglvivsink mutex fix.
> 2) I replicated your problem. If both gstreamer-imx and
> gst1.0-fsl-plugin are installed, this error occurs. If only
> gstreamer-imx is installed, playback works just fine - eglvivsink is
> used automatically as the video sink. I'll investigate what
> gst1.0-fsl-plugin is doing to override eglvivsink.

Hmm, higher plugin rank?



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