[meta-freescale] Stable releases for Freescale CPUs

Tom Isaacson Tom.Isaacson at navico.com
Tue Aug 25 12:03:20 PDT 2015

>> I'm new to this list so apologies if these questions are already answered somewhere.
>> What is the current state of support for iMX28, iMX51 and iMX61? Is there a list of stable releases somewhere and what the various branch names in Github mean?

>They have a good support.
>But, in fact, I'm not sure this is what you meant.

>Please, read [1] and then rework your question pointing exactly what you want to know. Maybe you only need to know you should use fido.

> [1] http://freescale.github.io/doc/release-notes/1.8/


Sorry, I was trying to find out if there were more recent Linux versions for iMX28 and iMX51 than the ones published by Freescale. But it looks like this project is more to add Yocto support to the existing version?


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