[meta-freescale] imx6: webkit html5 video with hardware acceleration

Bin Lin bl at habeyusa.com
Tue Sep 23 12:44:21 PDT 2014

We are currently using GStreamer 0.10.  Will give a try on 1.0.



On 9/23/2014 12:39 PM, Richard Cochran wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 23, 2014 at 09:29:13PM +0200, Carlos Rafael Giani wrote:
>> When I get the time, I'll try again, and see if gstreamer-imx is
>> being used for decoding. With any luck, I'll be able to see any
>> frames. You can try this: in Yocto, first build gstreamer 1.0 (and
>> -base/good/bad/ugly) explicitely.
> ...
>> *Then*, try to build WebKit.
> Thanks for the tip. Maybe I'll give it a try.
> [ This is just the kind of manual bitbake tinkering that makes
>    the FSL Yocto such a joy to work with. ]
> However, I won't be betting that gstreamer 1.0 will somehow work
> better. After all, webkit copies into its Cairo drawable in the sink.
> That alone will cause a too high CPU load with a full screen video.
> Thanks,
> Richard

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