[meta-freescale] directFB and GTK + libvivante-dfb-mx6 build error

Peter ppf83764 at freenet.de
Thu Nov 27 05:08:36 PST 2014


I'm supposed to run a WebkitGTK+ application with directFB output on an 
imx6 system.

I read a lot of stuff and tried some things, but I still don't know 
whether it is possible or not...

When I bitbake directfb-examples into a console-image with openembedded 
(daisy), some are working fine, while others crash with a segfault.

When I include "packagegroup-core-directfb" in my image, 
libvivante-dfb-mx6 throws an error:

Collected errors:
  * satisfy_dependencies_for: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies 
for packagegroup-core-directfb:
  *      libvivante-dfb-mx6 *
  * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package packagegroup-core-directfb.

Earlier this year Otavio and Lauren stated that DFB wouldn't work with 
any newer version of DFB than 1.6.3, so my 1.6.3 should be ok for the 
moment, but maybe my recipes are simply too old. [1]
Should I try to update to newer vivante binaries? I think 3.10.17-1.0.0 
are used in my current setup.

However I read here [2] that gtk support for directFB was dropped 
anyway, but I can't find a proper source to prove it.

Could anybody please enlighten me with the current state of development 
and what's the matter with libvivante-dfb-mx6?

Thanks in advance,
Peter Fink


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