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Hi Mat,

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> Hi there,
> when I’m turning options on and off in menuconfig these changes are usually saved in the .config file, which resides (in my case)in /build/tmp/work/wandboard_quad-poky-linux-gnueabi/linux-wandboardd/3.10.17-r0/git ,
> right ? As this configuration is obviously downloaded from git, I’ve got a few questions:
> 1.       Is this configuration integral part of (in this case) the linux-wandboard-3.10.17, so if I change the configuration the version must be changed ?
> 2.       Which purpose does the defconfig file in /sources/meta-fsl-arm-extra/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-wandboard-3.10.17 have ?
> 3.       Or is the defconfig file copied, changed by recipe (linux-wandboard_3.10.17.bb, f.e. LOCALVERSION ) and if I change something and want to include this into the image recipe I copy the tweaked .config file into a new defconfig ? Or how would be the procedure ?

1. The version number is simply the kernel version that is being used - configuration just selects which features are exposed;
2. The defconfig is the default configuration that will be used as the .config when the kernel is built for the wandboard;
3. Any kernel changes that are requested else where (e.g. configuration fragments, below) modify what is in .config before the build takes place.

Any changes you make using menuconfig will be lost as they are stored in the work area. If you want to be able to reapply changes you probably want to look at using configuration fragments.

I would start by reading the section "Creating Configuration Fragments" in the documentation (www.yoctoproject.org/docs/1.7/mega-manual/mega-manual.html). Configuration fragments are much easier to manage and will apply to any kernel version that supports the option(s).


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