[meta-freescale] pulseaudio makes system unstable

Marco Trillo martri at arantia.com
Tue Nov 25 08:25:51 PST 2014


On 11/25/2014 05:05 PM, Alexander Shashkevych wrote:
>> Which audio device are you using? The HDMI port (imx-hdmi-soc-audio) or the
>> analog port (sgtl5000) on the Wandboard? If you are indeed using the HDMI
>> audio, could you try using the analog audio and see if the problem persists?
>> I reproduced the 'Illegal instruction' crashes you mention when using HDMI
>> audio -- not only with `pulsesink' but also with `alsasink' depending on
>> other unrelated particularities of the test-- but the problem disappeared as
>> soon as I switched to the sgtl5000 audio.
> I've tried to use different pulse sinks and I see that it behaves a
> bit differently, but still unstable. Sometimes pavucontrol closes
> unexpectedly, sometimes desktop closes, sometimes pulse server stops
> and once pulse server stops, gstreamer can't connect again to newly
> started instance of server and so on. Very strange and unpredictable.

Yeah, I understand. I also remember these issues with `pulseaudio' when 
I did my tests. ISTR that starting the daemon with `--exit-idle-time=-1' 
and `--allow-exit=false' avoided the daemon to stop as you mention.

However I think these issues are not related to the `Illegal 
instruction' crashes. Did these crashes still occur when using the 
analog device as a sink?  For me, these crashes were linked to the HDMI 
audio output device.

Kind regards,

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