[meta-freescale] pulseaudio makes system unstable

Alexander Shashkevych alex at stunpix.com
Tue Nov 25 08:05:33 PST 2014

>> Maybe this is known issue, but I have not found any answers by
>> googling. I have two boards and two systems. One board is wandboard
>> quad with imx6 and second is custom board based on wandboard quad.
>> Also I have Ubuntu 13.10 (baked with my own recipes) and I have Yocto
>> 1.6.2.
>> On both systems and both devices (in any combination) all graphic
>> stuff is working fine: gles2.0 demos, gstreamer with imx plugins.
>> Everything is running with h/w acceleration. But once I start to play
>> audio with pulseaudio (for example using gstreamer) system becomes
>> pretty unstable: gstreamer could crash with 'illegal instruction'
> Which audio device are you using? The HDMI port (imx-hdmi-soc-audio) or the
> analog port (sgtl5000) on the Wandboard? If you are indeed using the HDMI
> audio, could you try using the analog audio and see if the problem persists?
> I reproduced the 'Illegal instruction' crashes you mention when using HDMI
> audio -- not only with `pulsesink' but also with `alsasink' depending on
> other unrelated particularities of the test-- but the problem disappeared as
> soon as I switched to the sgtl5000 audio.

I've tried to use different pulse sinks and I see that it behaves a
bit differently, but still unstable. Sometimes pavucontrol closes
unexpectedly, sometimes desktop closes, sometimes pulse server stops
and once pulse server stops, gstreamer can't connect again to newly
started instance of server and so on. Very strange and unpredictable.

But once I'm starting to use alsa device from gstreamer - everything
plays. Looks like pulseaudio is incompatible with hardware. Not sure
where to move further.


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