[meta-freescale] pulseaudio makes system unstable

Marco Trillo martri at arantia.com
Mon Nov 24 05:29:14 PST 2014


On 11/24/2014 01:12 PM, Alexander Shashkevych wrote:
> Hello,
> Maybe this is known issue, but I have not found any answers by
> googling. I have two boards and two systems. One board is wandboard
> quad with imx6 and second is custom board based on wandboard quad.
> Also I have Ubuntu 13.10 (baked with my own recipes) and I have Yocto
> 1.6.2.
> On both systems and both devices (in any combination) all graphic
> stuff is working fine: gles2.0 demos, gstreamer with imx plugins.
> Everything is running with h/w acceleration. But once I start to play
> audio with pulseaudio (for example using gstreamer) system becomes
> pretty unstable: gstreamer could crash with 'illegal instruction'

Which audio device are you using? The HDMI port (imx-hdmi-soc-audio) or 
the analog port (sgtl5000) on the Wandboard? If you are indeed using the 
HDMI audio, could you try using the analog audio and see if the problem 

I reproduced the 'Illegal instruction' crashes you mention when using 
HDMI audio -- not only with `pulsesink' but also with `alsasink' 
depending on other unrelated particularities of the test-- but the 
problem disappeared as soon as I switched to the sgtl5000 audio.

Kind regards,

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