[meta-freescale] pulseaudio makes system unstable

Alexander Shashkevych alex at stunpix.com
Mon Nov 24 04:12:37 PST 2014


Maybe this is known issue, but I have not found any answers by
googling. I have two boards and two systems. One board is wandboard
quad with imx6 and second is custom board based on wandboard quad.
Also I have Ubuntu 13.10 (baked with my own recipes) and I have Yocto

On both systems and both devices (in any combination) all graphic
stuff is working fine: gles2.0 demos, gstreamer with imx plugins.
Everything is running with h/w acceleration. But once I start to play
audio with pulseaudio (for example using gstreamer) system becomes
pretty unstable: gstreamer could crash with 'illegal instruction'
message or with 'pulseaudio socket write error'. Sometimes even
desktop crashes and throws me out to login screen. This happens on all
devices with all systems.

I need pulseaudio to play and capture desktop sounds, but it looks
like pulseaudio even can't play without problems. At the moment I'm
using alsa device for playing and everything is OK, but capture of
desktop sounds from alsa device, afaik, could be tricky. I'm not sure
what I should do: fix pulseaudio or implement workaround with alsa.
Not sure which one will require more efforts.

Is this known issue with pulseaudio?


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