[meta-freescale] autostart application

Daniel C. A (NESTIT) daniel.ca at nestgroup.net
Mon Nov 24 00:01:18 PST 2014



                I need to autostart my application after the  EVK gets
booted up. I'm using i.mx6qsabreauto with yocto-daisy image. I tried the


1.       Added my application.desktop to the /etc/xdg/autostart
directory.  I doubt if I added the correct keys in to the file. I found
my application is working in background since I could grep it from 'ps'
command. But it is not running on the desktop.

2.       I made a script which runs my application. I added this script
into /etc/init.d/ and made a symbolic link in /etc/rc5.d , it is named
with S99application.sh. I checked after booting, but nothing comes up. 


Can you help me in starting my application at the desktop startup?





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