[meta-freescale] [dizzy] Choppy gstreamer video (MPEG TS over UDP)

Marco Trillo martri at arantia.com
Tue Nov 18 23:36:00 PST 2014


On 11/18/2014 04:06 PM, Nikolay Dimitrov wrote:
>> That way you can configure your elements individually. In particular, we
>> found that setting the `low-latency' property to true in `vpudec' and
>> the `qos' property to false in `aiurdemux' provided better results.
> "low-latency" definitely lowers the time to display 1st frame (< 1s),
> but need to test whether it affects long-term stability. Hope to be
> able to test soon "qos" property.

One small correction: the `qos' property belongs to the video sink (we 
are using `mfw_v4lsink'), not to `aiurdemux' as I said in my first e-mail...

Regarding the time-to-first-frame you mention, we are also running in a 
big show-stopper issue with `aiurdemux': depending on the number of PIDs 
present in the program table -- for example if the program contains 
subtitles or multiple audio streams --, the demuxer takes a long, long 
time to provide the pads. Only in relatively simple programs (one audio 
and one video PID) the demuxer seems to behave right.

It is quite possible this is not an issue for you if you control the 
source stream. In any case, more information is available at: 

Kind regards,

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