[meta-freescale] imx6q: Xorg multi screen support

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We did with two instances of Xorg…but then you run into issues with the HW acceleration only available on one due to Vivante driver limitations.

We’re moving to Wayland/Weston now, it worked out of the box with fsl-image-weston build and this:

HDMI to 32-bit depth:
fbset -fb /dev/fb2 -g  1920 1080 1920 1080 32
/etc/init.d/weston stop
echo 0 > /sys/class/graphics/fb2/blank ( other fbs may require this too )
weston --tty=1 --use-gal2d=1 --use-gl=0 --device=/dev/fb0,/dev/fb2 &

This was on SabreSDP/SabreSD with HDMI and LVDS.

I ran some examples on each display, but I believe it is treated like one giant x/y system…I’ll see if I have any more notes when I get back to my other laptop.

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Hi, Pj:

>Hi Randy,


>No updates.


>I had even posted on freescale forums but no replies. Here's the link:


I've read lots of mail thread and posts on community forum, so we still have no ability to extend the Xorg to more than one output, right?

my understanding is that mx6q have up to 4 outputs(hdme, lcd and 2 lvds), but only one could be used in Xorg. or we need to operate these outputs in FB mode.

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