[meta-freescale] CLOCAL bit for console ttyAMA0 on imx28evk with 3.14 kernel

Craig McQueen craig.mcqueen at beamcommunications.com
Mon Nov 10 22:41:08 PST 2014

I'm doing a Yocto build of core-image-minimal for imx28evk with 
linux-fslc kernel provider (thus 3.14.19 kernel).

I've found that Busybox 'less' and GNU 'screen' are unresponsive when 
run from the serial debug console (ttyAMA0). E.g. 'less /etc/passwd' 
just hangs and must be stopped with Ctrl-C. 'screen' hangs and must be 
stopped with Ctrl-\.

I traced it to the serial debug console not having CLOCAL bit set. Doing 
'stty clocal' fixes it, so less and screen work normally.

I think CLOCAL should always be set for serial terminals. But I'm new to 
Yocto, and I don't know what/where is needed to change so that CLOCAL 
bit is set for the serial console. Any advice?

Craig McQueen

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