[meta-freescale] [PATCH 0/1] arm: imx: fsl_otp: make fuses (OTP memory) read-only

Nikolay Dimitrov picmaster at mail.bg
Sun Nov 9 04:34:25 PST 2014

Hi Alexander,

The eFuses are lockable. If you don't intend to further modify their
value after proper programming, you should lock them. If you don't do
so, you shouldn't blame the Linux driver for the consequences.

Crippling the IMX OTP driver doesn't solve the system security issues.
I can write to the IMX physical memory (e.g. to program OCOTP
registers) without this Linux driver at all, I just need proper
privileges and the devregs tool (thanks Eric & Troy!).

I have just like you some imx6 hobby boards. If one of them is bricked,
it's totally my fault. And yet we have hundreds of thousands of imx6
boards on the road, which we locked during manufacturing, and disabled
the OTP driver, so it's impossible to brick them via OTP.

To me it seems that the current state of affairs is already perfectly
OK and there's no need to panic.

Kind regards,

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