[meta-freescale] What image should I build on the SabreLite?

Eric Nelson eric.nelson at boundarydevices.com
Fri Nov 7 05:55:29 PST 2014

Hi Philippe,

On 11/07/2014 03:00 AM, Philippe BALLEYDIER wrote:
> Hi
> I did the same as you on fsl-image-multimedia-full
> Here's what i get:
> root at nitrogen6x:~# cat /proc/version
> Linux version 3.10.17-1.0.1_ga+yocto+g9f710da (philippe at philippe-HP-ProBook-4730s) (gcc version 4.9.1 (GCC) ) #1 SMP Fri Nov 7 08:50:50 CET 2014
> root at nitrogen6x:~# dmesg | grep ov5642
> update_device_addr: ov5642 ret=-110
> ov5642_read_reg:write reg error:reg=300a
> camera ov5642 is not found

This indicates a problem with the camera or cabling.

> root at nitrogen6x:~# dmesg | grep ov5640
> ov5640_mipi 1-003e: found pwm2, period=45
> ov5640_read_reg:write reg error:reg=300a
> camera ov5640 is not found
> update_device_addr: ov5640_mipi ret=-110
> ov5640_read_reg(mipi):reg=300a ret=-110
> camera ov5640_mipi is not found

You don't have one of these connected, right?

> root at nitrogen6x:~# gst-launch --gst-debug-level=2 mfw_v4lsrc ! mfw_v4lsink
> MFW_GST_V4LSRC_PLUGIN 3.0.11 build on Nov  7 2014 09:23:30.
> mxc_v4l_open: Mxc Camera no sensor ipu0/csi0
> mxc_v4l_open: Mxc Camera no sensor ipu1/csi0
> mxc_v4l_open: Mxc Camera no sensor ipu1/csi1

If the cameras were "not found", I think you knew what was going
to happen here!

> <snip>
> Is it possible that my camera is dead? How can i make sure of that?
It's most likely a cabling issue. It's quite easy for the flex cables
to become dislodged since there aren't any cable stays.

> I managed to make it work once on fsl-image-gui (dora branch). I
> guess i will rebuild this one just to make sure the camera is still working fine.
I'd recommend using a pre-built image to shave some time.

There are quite a few on O.S. Systems CI server:

This Ubuntu image also contains full camera support:

> I added the CONFIG_USB_AUDIO to the kernel and i now have a
> UAC2_Gadget appearing in alsamixer, but no element is showing up: This
> sound device does not have any controls.
I'm not sure what you mean by "no element".

Can you clarify?

You mentioned that the SABRE SD board was able to operate with
your hardware. You might want to compare the defconfig files
between the two.  Perhaps something is missing.



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