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 Freescale Community BSP Documentation
-The documentation is written using Sphinx documentation system. To
+The documentation is written using the Sphinx documentation system. To
 install it in Debian/Ubuntu, please do:
   #: apt-get install python-sphinx python-pip texlive-latex-extra texlive-fonts-recommended
   #: pip install sphinxcontrib-blockdiag
-Once this has been complete, you can run a 'make' and check the
-possible targets for building.
+Once this has been completed, you can run 'make' in each of the Documentation
+folders to review the available targets for building.
 To contribute to this repository you should submit the patches for
-review to the mailing list (meta-freescale at yoctoproject.org).
+review to the mailing list: meta-freescale at yoctoproject.org.
 Please refer to:
-for some useful guidelines to be followed when submitting patches.
+for useful guidelines to be followed when submitting patches.
 Mailing list:

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