[meta-freescale] Unable to get u-boot running on i.MX6 SABRE for Smart Devices Eval Board

Guillaume Fournier gfournier at brioconcept.com
Wed Nov 5 08:41:21 PST 2014

>> I'm now using the cfimager instead of the mfgtool as suggested by Daiane.
I am using u-boot.imx as follow:
>> cfimager -f u-boot.imx -raw -offset 1024 -skip 1024 -d d
>> If I use an .sdcard file from a Yocto build like this:
>> cfimager -f core-image-base-imx6dlsabresd.sdcard -raw -d d
>> That works.  If I'm using, *from the same build*, the u-boot.imx like
>> cfimager -f u-boot.imx -raw -offset 1024 -skip 1024 -d d
>> It doesn't!  Of course, if I use my custom built u-boot, it doesn't
either.  I'm starting to believe that cfimager parameter are the culprit.
>I'd be suspicious of '-offset 1024' - I doubt that you need both.
>Give it a try - leave out either the 'offset' or 'skip' options

Ok, there was a problem with the -skip option.  Removing it altogether
solves the problem for the u-boot.imx coming from a Yocto build:
cfimager -f u-boot-from-Yocto-build.imx -raw -offset 1024 -d d

However, the u-boot.imx coming from u-boot-fslc cross-compiled with a Yocto
installed toolchain doesn't.  Back to square one...

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