[meta-freescale] Unable to get u-boot running on i.MX6 SABRE for Smart Devices Eval Board

Guillaume Fournier gfournier at brioconcept.com
Wed Nov 5 08:05:05 PST 2014

>Did you read the README.imximage file?
>Check it here:
>Short version:
>make u-boot.imx
I have read the document and burned the resulting .imx file to my SD card like this:
cfimager -f u-boot.imx -raw -offset 1024 -skip 1024 -d d

It doesn't boot on the target.

What am I missing ?  I had a look at the .sdcard generated by Yocto that does work on the target to look at the binary content.  When comparing it to a working .imx file, they are the same starting at offset 0x400.  This makes sense.  When I compare my non-working .imx file with the working .imx file (binary wise), I can see there are slight differences.

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