[meta-freescale] Unable to get u-boot running on i.MX6 SABRE for Smart Devices Eval Board

Wally Yeh wally.yeh at atrustcorp.com
Wed Nov 5 06:52:10 PST 2014

>I want to get a working cross-compiling toolchain so I can build u-boot
and the kernel outside of Yocto.  I understand the subject of this post is
therefore a bit misleading since u->boot does boot when using Yocto build
output...  It just doesn't when using the cross-compiling toolchain.

Um... sometimes I just download the cross-compiler from linaro homepage and
build the u-boot, works fine as usual.
if you want build your own cross-compiler from yocto, just bitbake
and execute <yocto path>/build/tmp/deploy/sdk/

I even use a sfp cross-compiler to build u-boot and booting hfp uImage, and
still can boot into linux system.
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