[meta-freescale] What image should I build on the SabreLite?

Eric Nelson eric.nelson at boundarydevices.com
Tue Nov 4 07:04:16 PST 2014

Hi Phillipe,

On Tuesday, November 4, 2014, Philippe BALLEYDIER <
PBalleydier at visionsystems.fr> wrote:

> Hi everyone
> I'm trying to stream the OV5642 parallel camera and a USB microphone over
> the network but i'm having some issues.
> Previously, i was building fsl-image-multimedia (dizzi branch) on the
> SabreLite and I managed to make the video stream work. But i realized that
> USB ports were not working properly on this image (the USB microphone was
> detected but wouldn't appear in alsamixer)

We don't normally include CONFIG_USB_AUDIO in our kernel defconfig, so
you'll need to add that.

> To avoid this problem, i decided to switch to the image fsl-image-gui
> (dora branch) and now the OV5642 camera isn't detected (message showing up
> while booting: "Camera OV5642 is not found"). The mic is now properly
> showing up in alsamixer but i can't stream it since i get the error "cannot
> submit datapipe for urb 0, error -28: not enough bandwidth" when using my
> gstreamer commands.

That branch is quite old. I'd recommend using dizzy.

> I was previously building the image fsl-image-gui (dora) on the Sabre
> BOARD and i manage to stream both video and audio (but i was using a USB
> camera though, Mic remained the same)
> So i don't really know what image and what board i should use to be able
> to stream 720p at 30fps and audio from the USB Mic.
> Due to USB throughput limitation, i can't stream a USB webcam at 720p at 30fps
> on the sabre board (only 10fps possible) so i had to switch to the OV5642
> on the Sabre Lite by using the parallel port J5

But what image will guaranty me that my USB Mic and the OV5642 will be
> detected and work properly?
> We configure things for included hardware (i.e. on board microphone

Deviation (USB microphone) will require some reconfiguration.

> Any pointers would be of great help
> Best regards
> PS1: Since the SabreLite is a boundary devices' product, maybe i should
> ask the question to them, but i can't find any forums. The "Community" tab
> on their website only links to other companies, but no actual community
> forum.
> This list wotks.

I also saw you question on i.mx Community, but haven't had a chance to

When all else fails, Info at boundarydevices.com should work for you.

PS2: You can find in attachment my gstreamer commands, but i'm pretty sure
> the problem doesn't come from them, since when i use --gst-debug-level=2,
> it clearly appears that the camera is not detected. For the microphone, i
> have no idea why this is not working. It was working on the Sabre BOARD
> perfectly, and on the sabre Lite i have a bandwidth issue.
The Sabre SD has a different defconfig.


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