[meta-freescale] [meta-fsl-arm-extra][PATCH 0/2] linux-boundary_3.10.17 kernel bumps

Otavio Salvador otavio at ossystems.com.br
Sat Nov 1 10:50:41 PDT 2014

Hello Eric,

On Fri, Oct 31, 2014 at 7:33 PM, Eric Nelson
<eric.nelson at boundarydevices.com> wrote:
> These two patches bring the linux-boundary_3.10.17 up to date with
> the latest head of our boundary-imx_3.10.17_1.0.1_ga branch (patch 1)
> and then switch to the new boundary-imx_3.10.17_1.0.2_ga branch
> to keep in sync with the 3.10.17_1.0.2 Freescale release (patch 2).
> The second patch should be applied along with the userspace updates
> from Freescale.

Yes; I am queueing it in master-next for test and will merge it
together with the 1.0.2 branch.

> The first patch should be applied to dizzy, master, and master-next.


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