[meta-freescale] meta-qt5 and WebKit2 examples?

Dmitriy B. rzk333 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 28 12:53:56 PDT 2014

> What version were you using in this test?

selfcompiled 5.2.2 out of yocto (debian rootfs). Users in this thread
report exact same problems within yocto.

In order to get it displaying properly I pass fbpix=BGR32
> on the kernel command line.

But what if my display is a cheap RGB TTL and accepts RGB565 ipu setting?
If I will select BGR32 color channels will be swapped.
Also, if I remember correctly - I tried various bpps without success using
HDMI output.

What if this issue is connected with the eglconvenience problem that we
have on imx6? How does WebKit2 part of Qt5 handle that?
By default without patching, any Qt5 app will fail to load with X Visual ID
mismatch error, this has a simple workaround - forcing Visual ID to 0,

Best Regards,
Dmitriy Beykun
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