[meta-freescale] [PATCH][fsl-community-bsp-base] setup-environment: provide a MACHINE menu

Daiane.Angolini at freescale.com Daiane.Angolini at freescale.com
Thu Mar 27 11:08:42 PDT 2014

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> Traditionally I've been hesitant to send patches, but I've decided to not
> be as shy anymore. Therefore I don't expect everything I send to be
> successful :-)

Yes, please, don't be shy anymore and send all patches you have ;-)

I like your patch. But it have several important problems.

1) assign a number to a board may lead user to error. I love the machine list, and I love that imx53qsb is 20, but when a new board is added I will try to use 20 and it will not be imx53qsb. This is only one example, and this only happens if you use a dynamic order for the machine list.

2) it only list machines from meta-fsl-arm and meta-fsl-arm-extra. I tried 

MACHINE="qemuarm" source setup-environment build

And I faced a big error message!

I´m not sure if we want to list external boards, but it looks weird to me not being able to have a qemu build dir.

3) In error message, instead of list all boards one before the other, list one machine per line.

I like to prompt user instead of assuming a default machine. But a list of machines is not good when you have 150 machines. And I start to try to group the machines in SOC family, or in meta-fsl-arm/meta-fsl-arm-extra, or any other criteria to help user to decide it.

Please, let me know what you think.


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