[meta-freescale] Chromium acceleration

Christian Betz christian.betz at gmail.com
Thu Mar 20 07:07:52 PDT 2014

> \m/ bear on mind I pushed Chromium 35 in meta-browser ;-)

this is great news. with any luck we'll let you know how it builds and
works for us sometime next week. thank you!

i assume you got it built successfully and have it running in some fashion.
In case we have trouble, can you share what your exact setup was? I'm just
assuming you used a imx6qsabresd machine with code from fsl master-next or
master-branches (i.e. latest GPU drivers).

did you look at chrome://gpu and confirm various acceleration modes are
enabled? i attached a screenshot from my **intel/nvidia** system for

I think lauren is curious if webgl is working for you with latest vivante
drivers. And *I* am curious about 'accelerated compositing'.

btw everyone: m35 is a very ambitious release where google has ripped out
GTK and replaced it with 'Aura' (a combined widget and compositing toolkit
apparently). i just wanted to mention that.
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