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Christian Betz christian.betz at gmail.com
Thu Mar 20 06:46:41 PDT 2014

> As for the decoder itself: I implemented it in the Chromium media
> framework, in media/ . I simply took the vpx decoder code, copied it, and
> modified it to use the VPU. I had VP8, MPEG2, MPEG4, and h264 decoding
> working. It wasnt much code, but unfortunately, the interfaces tend to
> change between versions, so the code would have to be updated for the
> newest Chromium version. It is not much code, I will try to clean it up a
> bit and post it. In addition, I will ask the colleagues for the other
> patches for accelerating the 2D and WebGL rendering.

thanks carlos!

my analysis suggested that my team should reproduce these chunks of code
which are for samsung exynos:


to oversimplify greatly: we want to port 'exynos_video_decode_accelerator'
to a new 'imx_video_decode_accelerator'. in this module we would make use
of the same direct texture techniques as eglvivsink from gstreamer-imx.

this is definitely not the route you have taken, from what I can tell. is
this something you considered and steered away from? have you examined
these code paths at all? there are a few other special modules besides
exynos too.

i might be wrong, but it could be the best chance of getting something
upstreamed would be do it "like everyone else" (i.e. samsung). but i'm
probably thinking *way* too far ahead here.
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