[meta-freescale] Chromium acceleration

Lauren Post Lauren.Post at freescale.com
Thu Mar 20 05:47:33 PDT 2014

My original statement about acceleration was for webGL in the browser.

ffmpeg-mt is not hardware accelerated with the VPU although it is possible to update it to integrate with VPU.   As other emails have mentioned removing data movement and the CSC conversion is the key to improving performance with ffmpeg with vpu acceleration.  It is not something we have in our upcoming release.


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Hi Lauren,

A while back, you mentioned that 3.10.17-ga would help provide support for "Chromium acceleration" but didn't provide details.

Did you mean WebGL support (i.e. GPU acceleration), or video acceleration (VPU support)?

My understanding is that Chromium is using ffmpeg-mt as the basis for accelerated video:

Is anyone currently working on support for ffmpeg-mt and i.MX video?

Is anyone interested?

Please advise,


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