[meta-freescale] systemtap fails to build

Boszormenyi Zoltan zboszor at pr.hu
Wed Mar 12 04:09:45 PDT 2014


I was trying to "bitbake core-image-lsb-sdk" and it failed with the error below.
Even after "repo sync ; bitbake -c clean systemtap"

| In file included from /usr/include/stdio.h:27:0,
|                  from 
|                  from 
| /usr/include/features.h:148:3: error: #warning "_BSD_SOURCE and _SVID_SOURCE are 
deprecated, use _DEFAULT_SOURCE" [-Werror=cpp]
|  # warning "_BSD_SOURCE and _SVID_SOURCE are deprecated, use _DEFAULT_SOURCE"
|    ^
| cc1: all warnings being treated as errors
| make[3]: *** [staprun-staprun.o] Error 1

I am using a hybrid system, host is mostly Fedora 20 with some
packages upgraded from Rawhide, like GLIBC 2.19.90.
The attached (shortsighted) patch allows it to build here.

Best regards,
Zoltán Böszörményi

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