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> Hi,
> Are there any published maintainer procedures/responsibilities?

I´m happy you have questioned that!

> I realize it might be best to not be too stringent on these requirements,
> but on the other hand it seems as though maintainers are free to define
> whatever they feel is enough, which might be "nothing" ;-)
> More seriously, a maintainer could decide booting core-image-minimal and
> seeing a login prompt is enough. This would be setting the bar quite low.

The maintainer is the person that will have the Minerva/casting vote when we face a deadlock.

S/he is responsible to keep the things working. For those boards in meta-fsl-arm-extra, it´s 
much more easy to understand, because maintainer is the one who keeps kernel updated, u-boot tested/working.

For meta-fsl-arm boards it´s lightly different, as 'who' keeps kernel updated is Freescale.

It´s not a matter of "what is supported", because anyone can add support for anything. But a matter of
keeping the gears spinning.

> Maybe for each board a matrix could be maintained whereby the maintainer is
> free to do as few or as many things from the list of potential items?
> At the very least, we'd have a better definition of what "maintained"
> would mean for each board. Even better: if instructions were available
> describing how to build and test each line item, then everyone could
> benefit!

In addition, we want maintainers help for some "maintainer work" we face in our day-by-day, as example:
Keep release notes updated
Keep test cycle updated
Keep the most usual images building and booting

You can see here [1] the goals we had in last release (1.6). It´s supposed that *at least* the maintainer
have tested all those items for her/him board.

When a build error is faced, the maintainer will "fix" it. For those guys with kernel control (meta-fsl-arm-extra)
is expected that they properly fix the kernel issue (when it´s a kernel issue). But anything out of our control 
should be work-rounded anyway.

[1] http://freescale.github.io/doc/release-notes/1.5/index.html#goals

Otavio, did I miss anything?


> Best regards,
>     Trevor

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