[meta-freescale] maintainer for imx53qsb

Trevor Woerner trevor.woerner at linaro.org
Tue Mar 11 05:35:49 PDT 2014


Are there any published maintainer procedures/responsibilities?

I realize it might be best to not be too stringent on these
requirements, but on the other hand it seems as though maintainers are
free to define whatever they feel is enough, which might be "nothing" ;-)

More seriously, a maintainer could decide booting core-image-minimal and
seeing a login prompt is enough. This would be setting the bar quite low.

Maybe for each board a matrix could be maintained whereby the maintainer
is free to do as few or as many things from the list of potential items?
At the very least, we'd have a better definition of what "maintained"
would mean for each board. Even better: if instructions were available
describing how to build and test each line item, then everyone could

Best regards,

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