[meta-freescale] libfslvpuwrap license question

Carlos Rafael Giani dv at pseudoterminal.org
Tue Mar 11 04:14:30 PDT 2014


in my gstreamer-imx project, I need to work around certain problems the 
libfslvpuwrap library (also called the "VPU wrapper") has. However, the 
efforts to do so are considerable, and it would be much better (and 
cleaner, more robust) to simply fix that library.

On one hand, the source is available, so I can patch it. On the other 
hand, the licensing situation is unclear. Can I just copy 
vpu_wrapper.c/.h , patch these, and keep the patched files in the 
gstreamer-imx repository (this project is LGPLv2 licensed) ? If not, I 
will have to start thinking about a reimplementation of several VPU 
wrapper parts, and use the underlying imx-vpu interface directly instead.


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