[meta-freescale] Tiled displays (multiple lcds) on i.mx6

Ashwin Kirpalani akcooper8 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 4 05:28:28 PST 2014

I would like to drive a tiled display (2x1 LCD, 2x1 LVDS or 2x2 (2 LCDs + 2
LVDS)) with the same time on the i.mx6 quad. The screens will be the same
size (nominal 4.3" each). The analogy to this is a dual monitor (or more)
in linux.

The difference is that if I'm playing a movie (or running an app), I want
to be able to display one quarter of the movie (or app) in each of the four
displays (for the 2x2 case). Is this possible in yocto on the i.mx6?

This link talks about how to configure the XF86Config file for a 3x3 tiled
display in linux.


I am looking for something similar with the i.mx6. Can I use the xorg.conf
file to do something similar?

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