[meta-freescale] FSL Community BSP Meeting - 07/03/2014 - 18:00 GMT

Otavio Salvador otavio at ossystems.com.br
Fri Jun 27 06:55:05 PDT 2014

Hello folks,

In last meeting it has been agreed that we'd place meetings monthly.
As the people in Asia has shown interest to participate we're planning
to do the meeting, this time, it in a time which works for everyone.

So we'll place this meeting at 07/03/2014 at 18:00 GMT.

Please, send me an @gmail account to be added to the meeting previously.

For the next one, I suggest the following agenda:

FSL Community BSP Meeting Agenda

* Short testing status from maintainers/testers
* Upcoming board
* Upstream

* What is FSL Community BSP
   * Motivation
   * What the FSL Community BSP is not
   * What to expect (production X basic feature)
* Release Notes: Use cases (what is missing)
* User guide: help
* FAQ: pending issues to make it public
* FAQ: process of adding new question

* Release Notes
* Technical implications

Status of actions of last meeting
* Mario is going to review the user guide and FAQ to help checking
spelling and more
* Otavio, Daiane and Eric are going to help with Bugzilla entries
* Eric, are going to draft of a "Statement of Purpose"

Topics raised in last meeting
* How to get more people involved in future
* Get sub-maintainers for specific areas
   * Define the sub areas
   * How to get it promoted

People time
* Eric Nelson: UTC -7
* Trevor Worener: UTC -5 (currently UTC -4)
* Anthony Felice: UTC -5 (currently UTC -4) - prefer work days

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