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Zhen Cong Tee ZhenCong.Tee at VERIFONE.com
Mon Jun 23 17:52:06 PDT 2014

I am new to Yocto, and has been trying hard to understand the underlying concept of the Yocto's bitbaking process and repository structure.

As far as my understanding, for the first time we do a repo sync, then bitbake, it will download the recipes from the repo and put it in <local folder>/sources.
Then, when baking in process, the actual source code of the components (u-boot, kernel, OS etc.) will be downloaded and be placed into <local folder/build/tmp/work/<bsp>/....
Hopefully my understanding so far is still correct.

Ok now the part that confused me come.
I tried to change some simple things (such as adding a puts(hello) at the starts) in the u-boot source code inside the <local folder>/build/tmp/work/<bsp/... folder, and then I did a bitbake -c compile u-boot-imx, and then bitbake u-boot-imx.
After that, I dd the newly baked u-boot image into my SD card and run it on the i.MX6Q platform. My changes applied! The "hello" is printed out in console when the u-boots runs.

Isn't it the <local folder>/build/tmp/work/<bsp> folder supposed to be the source code downloaded from the repo? The recipes in the <local folder>/sources folder points the SRC_URI to a git location. Why does the bitbake not fetching the source code from the git directory, instead it uses the local copy that I make changes in the <local folder>/build/tmp/work/... directory?

Please help. I think this is important in order for me to get through and explore deeper into Yocto.

Thank you.


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