[meta-freescale] Does anybody know of a quick way to migrate an IMX6 BSP from dora to daisy?

Otavio Salvador otavio at ossystems.com.br
Fri Jun 20 10:18:58 PDT 2014

Hello Stephen,

As other points has been covered in Daiane's reply I will focus on the pads.

On Thu, Jun 19, 2014 at 11:02 AM, Stephen Munnings
<Stephen.Munnings at nuvation.com> wrote:
> This is when I discovered that our <board>.c file craps out all over the
> place because Freescale (I assume it is Freescale) changed all the pin PAD
> names (well maybe not all, but a large enough number) in the standard
> include files that are part of Uboot 2014.10.  They are in
> …/arch/arm/include/asm/arch-mx6/*.h
> Over and above that, they did not keep the old names for compatibility!

The PADs change is being worked during several releases in U-Boot and
it is part of a bigger goal which is to support SPL for i.MX6 and as
result to support multiple SoC and board variants with a single
U-Boot. The PADs has been renamed to follow mostly the mainline naming
schema and this does impact previous code.

During the change, we (U-Boot community) ported all boards in the
source code but as you keep your board in an internal fork you need to
handle it yourself.

I hope this clarifies a little about it.


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