[meta-freescale] Does anybody know of a quick way to migrate an IMX6 BSP from dora to daisy?

Daiane Angolini daiane.list at gmail.com
Thu Jun 19 08:58:44 PDT 2014

On Thu, Jun 19, 2014 at 12:46 PM, Stephen Munnings
<Stephen.Munnings at nuvation.com> wrote:

> Hi Daiane,
> Thanks for the fast reply.
> Yes, I do have my own meta layers.  (one for BSP, one for distro, and one for the application(s))
> Yes, I know I can use any bootloader.
> In this case, one alternative is to move back to Uboot 2013.10 (realized in my own layers, since it is no longer in the meta-fsl-arm* layers).
> It is possible I would also have to "move back" the Linux kernel version also.
> This is still a considerable amount of work (but far less than in some other build scenarios)
> I apologize for the confusion, it is indeed a typo.  The two versions of UBoot I was referring to were 2013.10 and 2014.01 (reversed 0 and 1)
> Since we have been developing using the Wandboard as a reference design, we have been copying a lot of yocto setup from the Wandboard recipes.
> The UBoot for both cases (dora and daisy) is u-boot-fslc - with a great big whacking patch (generated by git) applying our local changes, requested by our BSP layer for our board.
> A similar arrangement was also used for our Linux Kernel with its driver and configuration changes.
> Interestingly, our patch needed only very minor modifications to apply to u-boot-fslc_2014.01  (a few line number changes and the formatting of the entries in common/Makefile)
> We have avoided, as much as possible (which is almost completely) any changes to the supplied meta layers, with all changes implemented by patches and over-rides in our own layers.
> This is why I felt it would be relatively easy to migrate to daisy - and some of our bbappend recipes needed some changes for that. (especially version numbers as the versions changed)
> So, the include file changes are changes from u-boot-fslc_2013.10 to u-boot-fslc_2014.01  (checked)
> I am not sure who was responsible for these changes, but they appear to have been made without appropriate consideration for upgrade compatibility.

Well, if you're using u-boot-fslc, you can git blame here
http://git.denx.de/?p=u-boot.git;a=summary in order to find *who*

I'm not a u-boot community frequent user/member. I mean, I don't
follow their changes, so I cannot say why they decided to change so
much from one release to another. But, it's an open community and you
can participate.

> It also appears that there is no fast and easy solution.  (e.g. optional enablement of the original PAD names, or a sed script (or similar) to run the source files through to convert from old names to new names)

One thing is the YP version, the other thing is the u-boot/kernel version.

> Anyway, unless someone has a fast solution, I guess it is back to dora, and a note kept on the extra effort required when/if we move forward past dora.

Let's wait for someone to comment on this.


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