[meta-freescale] ENGR00291086 crypto kernel module speed test in single fail - patch can not be re-applied

Xh Xiao xxiao8 at fosiao.com
Thu Jun 12 09:40:11 PDT 2014

I might be missing something but,

the subject mentioned (commit-id is
48603cc64d20652b2a5ecf8e1e5ab19a82a47842 ) has a wrong patch format, in
that I could not apply it back using 'git am' to a clean 3.10.17 tree.
There are a few other patches have the same issue.

to reproduce it:
#on fsl 3.10.17-ga git
git format-patch -o /tmp/test original-kernel.org-3.10.17-commit-id
git checkout -b 3.10.17 original-kernel.org-3.10.17-commit-id
git am /tmp/test/*
#the just generated patches(1269 of them) will be applied, until it hits
1194th patch, the one mentioned above, that it fails to apply.
I'm using git

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