[meta-freescale] [meta-fsl-arm][PATCH] piglit: Add Vivante GPU support

Eric Nelson eric.nelson at boundarydevices.com
Mon Jan 27 06:25:30 PST 2014

Thanks Rogerio,

On 01/27/2014 07:10 AM, Rogerio Nunes wrote:
> Hi guys,
> On Mon, Jan 27, 2014 at 8:50 AM, Otavio Salvador
> <otavio at ossystems.com.br> wrote:
>> Hi Eric,
>> On Mon, Jan 27, 2014 at 11:40 AM, Eric Nelson
>> <eric.nelson at boundarydevices.com> wrote:
>>> I'm not sure I understand how these could be related,
>>> but I ran a clean build overnight without success.
>>> Note that this was a straight-forward fsl-image-gui image
>>> with piglit appended to IMAGE_INSTALL in local.conf.
>> Interesting. I've been building fsl-image-gui with success. Could you
>> try this and see if it helps?
>> If it does, we have a missing dependency in pitlit or something like that.
> Same here. The tools-testapps IMAGE_FEATURE includes piglit in the
> fsl-image-gui already.
> I haven't tested with IMAGE_INSTALL, but I have the same understanding
> as Otavio, that if the build is breaking, then there's probably a
> dependency missing in the base recipe.

So perhaps the answer is simple... Don't do that (use IMAGE_INSTALL
for piglit).

I just mentioned that I have been able to succesfully build
fsl-image-gui, and I didn't see that it was already including

I'll test later today.



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