[meta-freescale] dts and dtb files

Mats Kärrman Mats.Karrman at tritech.se
Thu Jan 23 00:01:50 PST 2014

On Thursday, January 23, 2014 8:48 AM, Niklas Molin [niklas.p.molin at gmail.com] wrote:
> I just wanted to check if there is a way to compile the dts files with bitbake?
> I can see that my dtsi -file is updated in the directory where I have my dtb file.
> But the dtb file is not updated when I run bitbake.
> So do I have to manually compile the dts file or is there some way to do it via bitbake?

If you added the .dtb to KERNEL_DEVICETREE it will be built as a part of
the install step of the linux-imx build. If you somehow change the source and
want to rebuild the .dtb you can do:

bitbake linux-imx -c install -f

however, as this takes some time, it might be faster to just open a shell in
the dts folder and run the dtc manually from there.

BR // Mats

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