[meta-freescale] Booting 3.5.7 kernel on imx6sabresd?

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> >>> fdt_addr was already 0x18000000.
> >>>
> >>> Is there anything else maybe?
> >>
> >> You could try to update the U-Boot to what we're using in Dora.
> >>
> >> I barely remember of dealing with this but I don't recall what was
> >> the fix ...
> >>
> >> Sorry,
> >>
> > Which u-boot does dora update as latest? meta-fsl-arm or
> > meta-fsl-bsp-release?
> You call; I will always advice you to use the mainline one. Dora uses
> 2013.10.

Meta-fsl-arm[1] uses, by default, the u-boot from denx, it means, the mainline u-boot (we call it u-boot-fslc)
Meta-fsl-bsp-release [2] uses, by default, the u-boot fork created by Freescale (we can it u-boot-imx)

Latest dora u-boot from meta-fsl-arm is 2013.10
Latest dora u-boot from meta-fsl-bsp-release is 2013.04

Meta-fsl-bsp-release is an additional layer used by Freescale *on top of* meta-fsl-arm in order to add new version 
of packages on every new BSP release. It adds, for example, the new kernel version, and some configuration, for example 
the configuration that change the default u-boot used by imx6 boards.

Remember that, usually, a Freescale release only support a set of boards (for example imx6), but meta-fsl-arm does support
all boards.

We, as community, prefer to have u-boot mainline because we think it´s the best choice at long term, both for 
development and for support. We do value u-boot-imx, and as much as possible, we work to integrate the important
features from u-boot-imx to u-boot-fslc (and, you can imagine, we work on this when we have some time). Today, we believe
u-boot-fslc can handle all the boards, only few exception uses a u-boot fork, but the direction we have is migrating
as much as possible to u-boot mainline.

The kernel can be used as a parallel comparison. Today, we cannot use linux-fslc for most of supported board, 
the main reason is GPU support. As GPU has closed source code, the mainline integration is already a dilemma[3]. But, as u-boot,
the general guideline is having as much as possible on mainline, for both easy development and easy support. In long term
is much better to have mainline kernel as default.

I´m being obvious and leaving the main point of this discussion, but I only want to clear this point for people who
don´t think it´s so obvious. If there is someone having a bad time to understand all this layering and don´t want to ask in ML, please,
send me an email and I will do my best to explain what I know (it´s confusing to me as well)

[1] http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/meta-fsl-arm/
[2] http://git.freescale.com/git/cgit.cgi/imx/meta-fsl-bsp-release.git/
[3] I´m sure I´m not the person to detail this issue, so I apologize if it´s not a dilemma, in definition.


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