[meta-freescale] How to get Wayland to work with imx6>?

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> Subject: [meta-freescale] How to get Wayland to work with imx6>?
> Hello,
> I tried to build core-image-weston to see Wayland in action on my imx6
> machine. I am using OE (through yocto) master and meta-fsl-arm master.
> I had to add DISTRO_FEATURES_append = " wayland opengl" to my local.conf to
> get core-image-weston to build. However, weston could not start, because a
> gallium gbm binary was missing.
>  From what I understand, the way weston is built in OE, it uses mesa as a
> hard dependency. I thought the meta-fsl-arm weston patches replaced this so
> it uses the VIvante binaries and headers instead, but maybe I was wrong.
> Either way, weston does not start.
> What am I missing?

As I remember, Weston was not supposed to run on gpu version we have now on master (3.10.9-1.0.0), only wayland.

You can try to unset the use of GPU  (from meta-fsl-arm) and have the default, not hw accelerated, graphic stack.

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