[meta-freescale] How to change the SDCard Image size

Morgan McKenzie rmtm at uvic.ca
Fri Jan 17 11:34:22 PST 2014

You can just change the IMAGE_ROOTFS_SIZE  variable in core-image-minimal to increase it's size (or make your own image and have a larger size in it which is probably more advisable).
The file you're looking for is sources/poky/meta/recipes-core/images/core-image-minimal.bb
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2014 20:15:44 +0100
From: marc.peucker at gmail.com
To: meta-freescale at yoctoproject.org
Subject: [meta-freescale] How to change the SDCard Image size

Hello all,

I have a question regarding the image size on yocto build.

When I build a core-image-minimal the size of the image is roughly 30 Mb. 

Can somebody tell me how to make it bigger, that it will fit on a 4Gb or larger Sd-Card?

I know how to do it manually after image creation, but it would be nice to get a image with the right size.

Thanks in advance


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