[meta-freescale] fsl framebuffer image ?

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You can use the one in our meta-fsl-bsp-release layer.  There is one being reviewed based on the one Freescale released in the meta-fsl-bsp-release layer.  Our current 3.10.17-1.0.0 beta has support for all the graphical backends including the related image recipes for each backend.

Get meta-fsl-release-layer from git.freescale.com.


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    I am interested in using imx6 in accelerated framebuffer mode. Currently I have a running fsl-image-gui, but that does not have the two accelerated framebuffer versions of libEGL.so & libGAL.so installed (at least that I could find.

I have heard that there is a fsl-image-fb in the works. Is that likely to be mainlined anytime soon ?

Any other suggestions on how to obtain the two shared libs ?


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