[meta-freescale] OGG demux fails with aiur.imx

stephane Cerveau sc at voxtok.com
Fri Jan 10 02:35:26 PST 2014


gst-launch playbin2 uri=file:///tmp/example.ogg
I'm using meta-fsl arm dora branch and i'm unable to play ogg file 
because of aiur demux which fails.
I'm getting this error:
0:00:00.135230334  1160    0x80460 WARN               aiurdemux 
aiurdemux.c:3756:aiurdemux_loop_state_header: Warning: 
API[initializeIndex] not implement!
0:00:00.135399334  1160    0x80460 WARN               aiurdemux 
aiurdemux.c:3448:aiurdemux_set_readmode: API[setReadMode] failed, ret=-6
0:00:00.135473334  1160    0x80460 ERROR              aiurdemux 
aiurdemux.c:3469:aiurdemux_set_readmode: ***final file mode
0:00:00.135534000  1160    0x80460 WARN               aiurdemux 
aiurdemux.c:3767:aiurdemux_loop_state_header: Warning: 
API[getNumPrograms] not implement!
And then vorbidec fails to decode audio packet.

Do I have to do something special to enable ogg demux working with 
aiur.demux ?
Do I have to disable aiur.demux ? Can I change the rank for this plugin ?
It seems that the rank is really high, can I change it somewhere ?

Best regards.


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