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>> > On 29 Apr 2014, at 18:21, Otavio Salvador <otavio at ossystems.com.br>
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>> >> On Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 9:44 AM, randy.krakora at freescale.com
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>> >>> Has anyone built 3.10.17 images with gstreamer 1.0 for Utilite?
>> >>
>> >> Utility has not been send for inclusion in FSL Community BSP so I
>> >> think most people are not using/aware of it.
>> >
>> > It's a platform that I've been meaning to find time to evaluate.
>> > Spec is similar to the Wandboards, but in a product-ready format.
>> >
>> > I'm guessing it shouldn't be too difficult to get it running?
>> It shouldn't. It is a matter of CompuLab sponsor its addition or add
>> it themselves.
> I'm interested in this comment because we also have a i.MX6 board that
> uses Yocto but is not currently included.
> What is the process for adding a new board to the FSL Community BSP?

Someone needs to do the work and commit to maintain it. You essentially need:

 - add the board in meta-fsl-arm-extra
 - update Release Notes
 - has someone as maintainer

all this can be done by the vendor or 3rd party.

> Are there any costs involved?

The FSL Community BSP project is a community project so no costs
involved. You can add the board yourself and send it for review.

> What level of commitment is expected of a board supplier in the future?
> I'm not sure we have the resources to be making continual updates like some of you seem to do.
> Any guidelines or comments would be great.

The commitment is for maintenance and testing. That's why we demand a
maintainer for every board now. So you (or whoever is the maintainer)
is expected to pay attention to the mailing list, support your users
and keep regular testing of stable and development branches and
someone to fix board specific stuff.

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